Ryan Henyard | Staff, Alumni, Faculty Experience Designer, Center for Academic Innovation

Creating The Necessary Conditions: Abolition Poster Set
A set of three posters featuring quotes from Black activists that have resonated with me. The photo composites used in each poster were taken by me in Detroit, each at a location where I experienced harassment, discriminatory profiling and abuse by police officers in my youth. Designing the Police Brutality in America course required me to traverse my trauma to understand how frequently police misconduct impacted my upbringing. A fourth poster contains the remaining quotes from each excerpt, followed by prose & poetry describing the incidents that inspired each piece. I’ve chosen to focus on justice over power, on radical reimagining rather than reform, and on addressing root causes instead of punishment and retribution. “I am actively working towards Abolition, which means that I am trying to create the necessary conditions to ensure the possibility of a world without prisons.” – Mariame Kaba