Michael Turner | Staff, Center for Educational Outreach, Michigan College Advising Corps

Look At Us Now
FROM THE ARTIST: My artistic expressions and social justice beliefs have always intersected in many aspects of my music. Look At Us Now is a song that shares a narrative of disparity, systemic racism, and broken systems as they manifest within my home of birth, Detroit and similar cities throughout the nation. Through the outreach work that I have done within communities throughout the last 15 years of my career, I have my sole focus has been to impact systemic change. Look At Us Now is a call to action for others to step up and do their parts as well.”

Let Your Light Shine – Featuring Urban Stringz
FROM THE ARTIST: Let Your Light Shine was a song birthed out of my previous youth-focused identity work with girls and young women who struggle with self-image. Through this work, I found myself continuously having to develop and provide spaces to build self-efficacy focusing on self-perceptions. This song also looks at the internal struggle from historical trauma and oppressive systems can create when allowing harmful messaging of beauty to prevail. Let Your Light Shine was also a collaboration with Urban Stringz, a youth-centered music education non-profit organization that serves Detroit students. The Youth Project also provided a space for some of the young ladies that inspired the song an opportunity to let their vocal talents be heard as well.