Fiyinfoluwa Morenikeji | Graduate Student/Postdoc

Graduate student staff assistant with DEI School of Nursing

Staying True
A poem that reminds me to stay true to my history, voice, and power, knowing it will always empower

Staying True
Your words are cutthroat
Still I stay afloat
I am not moved
Nor do I care for your disprove
You try to minimize me
It bothers you that I am carefree
But here I am, shinning brighter than ever
Able to withstand the stormy weather
Does it upset you
My winnings and fortune
Sheer beauty and medals
Or is it because I am so vocal
You made an error
Messing with a national treasure
See I am up to any task
I will shatter the ceiling glass
Why don’t you let me be?
Worry about your own insecurities
There might be bumps
Yet you will not find me down in the dumps
You see I am roaring ocean
I came to break perceived notions
Speculators always trying to cause commotion
I guess you were not ready for this invasion
I came to school you
First lesson, never bite off more than you can chew
Because I can never be subdued
You might as well fall through
Word of advice
Just stop with the lies
Never will I compromise
But still I will rise