Chris Kim | Alumni, Cornell University Music Department, Cornell Orchestras


Recently in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Cornell orchestra board with Chris Kim drafted the Cornell Orchestra’s support of the BLM movement [] Through a series of speakers, we will address the serious inequities present in the institution of the orchestra due to its repertoire and systemic inequities present in the training of classical musicians leading to a lack of diversity in our orchestras. We will try to find ways to move forward to change the status quo of the orchestra as an institution that will be more welcoming to all of our members. Various readings and discussions about race in the context of the orchestra world will be explored. We will explore a long-neglected repertoire and find ways to have a positive impact on orchestral practice today. Speaker list includes: Daniel Bernard Roumain, Rachel Barton Pine, Jeri Lynne Johnson, Carlos Simon, Aaron Flagg, Afa S. Dworkin, Jessie Montgomery, Aaron Dworkin, Steven Banks, Robert Deemer, Anthony McGill and Wynton Marsalis.

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