Carolina Jones | Undergraduate Student, Major: Art & Design

Donuts & Zip Ties
IMAGE 1 – Inspired by the 2018 “Corso’s Flower & Garden Center” ICE raid in Sandusky, Ohio, this piece illustrates Corso’s manager getting ice cream with her daughter a day before the raid. Covered by a blue Midwestern sky, the image depicts the calm before the storm of a traumatic event. The scene guides us through a cycle of concern: while the mother faces the ICE bus, her daughter faces her, looking for an indication of whether to feel safe or anxious.

IMAGE 2 – In 2018, workers from Corso’s Flower & Garden Center were lured into their breakroom by undercover ICE agents offering them donuts. They were soon rounded up and arrested in zip ties. For this illustration, we wanted to convey the deceiving nature of the bait used by ICE officers. In the center stage we find the box with an assortment of donuts and zip-ties, and in the backdrop we find everyday objects that serve as warning signs that something is off. From the “waiting for you” sign to the “watch your hands” poster, we see how a common workplace can be transformed from a place of trust to a site of trauma.