All members of the U-M campus community are invited to submit photos, videos or brief statements to share how diversity, equity, and inclusion impacts you at U-M. Your contributions will help tell our collective DEI story by depicting diversity, equity and inclusion across its many dimensions. Contributions may be used in DEI communications and materials such as the DEI 1.0 Evaluation Report, DEI website, and DEI Summit website.

We are undergraduate and graduate students from Michigan, around the country and across the globe. We are staff and faculty members in a multitude of professional, service and research fields. All of our contributions will help tell Michigan’s DEI story, including experiences, challenges, signs of change and community support.

Our progress to date will serve as a foundation on which to build future efforts.


Contributions are welcomed from all students, including undergraduate and graduate students from every school and college, postdoctoral students, international students, first-generation students, student veterans, student-athletes, returning students and transfer students.


Contributions are welcomed from all faculty members representing every field, including assistant, associate and full professors, clinical professors, lecturers and researchers, across all disciplines, in lab settings, classroom settings and in the field.


Contributions are welcome from all staff members representing every field across the institution including facilities, information technology, Michigan Medicine, skilled trades, human resources, student life, academic program management, libraries, museums and more.

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