I utilize connections within the Disability Community to seek out and dismantle systemic racism locally and nationally. Through participation in groups such as National Black Deaf Advocates, the National Association of the Deaf, Statewide Independent Living Council, Detroit Disability Power, Ford Foundation Disability Council, and others I am able to fight causes that have plagued the BIPOC community for decades: voter suppression, lack of BIPOC role models and resources, systemic racism, less opportunities for success. In addition, I recently had the honor of working with the Ford Foundation in their Creativity and Free Expression Futures Project.

I would like take a moment to focus on the impact I contribute through Detroit Disability Power:

Detroit Disability Power is a membership organization that works to build the political power of the disability community. We know that in order to end disparities people with disabilities face in regard to housing, employment, education, transportation, healthcare  & more… We must organize! We organize people with disabilities & our allies around local issues that impact our lives. We collaborate with other organizations engaging in work that affects people with disabilities. We facilitate anti-ableism workshops for social justice organizations wishing to better understand the systemic oppression of disabled people & that are committed to dismantling able-ism in their work. We host fun & educational community-building events and constantly work towards building a better future for the disabled youth in Detroit.

Most Recent work:

Ford Foundation Creativity and Free Expression Futures Project

Title: #BlackDeafTalent

Teddy Dorsette III is a Deaf filmmaker, entrepreneur and social justice advocate from Detroit. He was educated at the University of Michigan, where he received a  degree in Screen Arts and Cultures. He attended the Motion Picture Institute, where he concentrated on directing and producing. He co-founded Teddyboy Entertainment LLC to help provide opportunities for others to achieve their dreams as well as harness their skills and talents through different mediums. He also established a non-profit organization, Reel Def Entertainment, which aims to help children and young adults that are Deaf and hard of hearing to pursue their dreams in the creative arts. He is a passionate filmmaker whose dream and vision is to write stories that will educate others about the Deaf Experience and Black Deaf history. He currently works as the Communications Manager & Organizer for Detroit Disability Power.