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Renée Szostek

Renée Szostek | Alumni Despite My Past   FROM THE ARTIST:   My inspiration for my visual art was the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. I especially appreciated the line “Up from a past that’s rooted in pain / I rise,” and thought that I would include a painting of a flower. I …


Radhika Talakanti

Radhika Talakanti | Staff, Financial Systems All colors are equal   FROM THE ARTIST:   Earth is a home to many birds, creatures, animals, trees, lakes, human beings etc. All birds, animals, humans breathe same air.   When birds and animals do not show difference in colors within each other, why we humans show difference …


Adam Beeman

Adam Beeman | Staff, Alumni, LSA Student Academic Affairs   Black Girl Magic   The founders of BLM. A piece from my collection that celebrates the female figures who are deserving of our attention. The game-changers, path-makers, boundary-breakers, and dreamers of today and yesterday… Bad*ss, fearless, and inspiring women who get sh*t done.


Bryce Worthing

Bryce Worthing | Undergraduate Student Perspective Piece   FROM THE ARTIST:   This work stems from some personal research about the indigenous people who used to live on this Michigan land as well as Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Specifically, the Meskwaki tribe who was called the Fox by the French. The Meskwaki people formally …


Michael Sevick

Michael Sevick | Faculty/Lecturer, Art, UM-Flint Awaken   FROM THE ARTIST:   I was inspired by the last words from John Lewis, walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide.

The Gentle Black Man

Rachel O’Reggio

Rachel O’Reggio | Graduate Student/Postdoc, University of Michigan Medical School The Gentle Black Man   FROM THE ARTIST:   We often view men as being strong, without feeling or emotion. If a man were to express emotion, it is frequently frowned upon and dismissed or worse yet, they are put in a box and seen …

Playful South African Boy

Jacob Richman

Jacob Richman | Undergraduate Student, Intended math major Playful South African Boy   FROM THE ARTIST:   My painting is an honest and raw depiction of a young, South African orphan that I recently worked with. The painting is a mixed media work with a collage of newspapers, a layer of wood stain, and a …


Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller | Staff/Alumni | Neurology, Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center within Neurology   Faces   This piece is meant to display the beauty of diversity. The most forefront face is created with all of the colors used to illustrate the other faces combined.