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Victoria Cope

Victoria Cope | Graduate Student/Postdoc, School of Information FROM THE ARTIST:   The intent is to inspire continued advocacy to hold those responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor accountable. Breonna’s voice was unjustly taken away as casualty of systemic racism, police brutality, and a societal problem that we all have a responsibility to fix. …


Cheyenne Fletcher

Cheyenne Fletcher | Undergraduate Student, Major: Art & Design FROM THE ARTIST:   My pieces explore the power of seeing yourself reflected in cultural centers, specifically for Black girls. When these museums are seen as sacred, what message does it send to be left out? I think art can be used not only as a …


Carolina Jones

Carolina Jones | Undergraduate Student, Major: Art & Design Donuts & Zip Ties   FROM THE ARTIST:   IMAGE 1 – Inspired by the 2018 “Corso’s Flower & Garden Center” ICE raid in Sandusky, Ohio, this piece illustrates Corso’s manager getting ice cream with her daughter a day before the raid. Covered by a blue …


Benjamin Roth

Benjamin Roth | Graduate Student/Postdoc, School of Information, UX Design   FROM THE ARTIST:   1.) Redlining is the bridge between slavery and today’s racially motivated economic disparities. These economic disparities are byproducts of an active, vibrant, and motivated system intended to maintain an unequal status quo. We must act together — as a cohesive, …

_Nick Azzaro

Nick Azzaro

Nick Azzaro | Graduate Student/Postdoc, Stamps MFA Astounding Fancy #15, intro to Peter Privilege   FROM THE ARTIST:   Introducing the newest… bravest… most dynamic… most original superhero of all… BEHOLD, the knowledge you seek can be found in the magical pages of Astounding Fancy #15!!! There’s action, drama, conflict, more action and a conclusion …

Trena Brannon

Trena Brannon

Trena Brannon | Staff, ITS Mothers of black sons pray differently   FROM THE ARTIST:   When a racially biased officer sees my son driving down the street, that officer does not see my son’s giving heart. That officer does see his education. That officer does not see his sense of humor. That officer sees …

White silence

Emily Trumpower

Emily Trumpower | Graduate Student/Postdoc, Staff, School of Information-MHI Awaken your Voice   FROM THE ARTIST:   “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist” -Angela Davis.   This work is to encourage others to use their voices to actively speak out against racism.


Cindy Zhu

Cindy Zhu | Graduate Student/Postdoc, School of Information NO PREJUDICE FROM THE ARTIST: PREJUDICE is an opinion without judgment. Thus all over the world do people inspire children with all the opinions they desire, before the children can judge. – Voltaire