King Micah the Infamous

King Micah the Infamous (Micah Bryant)   FROM THE ARTIST: The song is titled “History of Today”. I wrote this capturing my raw and honest frustration about injustice within the judiciary system, how racism in all its forms affects us all, and how it affects me as a black man.


David Wang

David Wang | Graduate Student/Postdoc, University of Michigan Medical School   Precedented   FROM THE ARTIST: This poem looks at how the past few months have been both novel and normal. While the term “unprecedented” has spiked in its usage lately, many of the issues that we’re experiencing are the continued result of our country’s …


Michael Turner

Michael Turner | Staff, Center for Educational Outreach, Michigan College Advising Corps   Look At Us Now   FROM THE ARTIST: My artistic expressions and social justice beliefs have always intersected in many aspects of my music. Look At Us Now is a song that shares a narrative of disparity, systemic racism, and broken systems …


Jeff Karoub

Jeff Karoub | Staff, Michigan News   FROM THE ARTIST:   Breathe for Those Denied” asks questions – questions that can be hard to answer. What crimes could justify so many instances of police brutality? In the case of George Floyd, what “threat” needed nearly 9 minutes of a knee pressed to a prone man’s …


Ellen Rowe

Ellen Rowe – Faculty/Lecturer, Arthur F Thurnau Professor in the Dept. of Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation as well as the Chair of the Conducting Department at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance   FROM THE ARTIST: I composed “Ain’t I A Woman”, which takes its title from Sojourner Truth’s historic speech at the 1851 …